World News | Visa applications for Pakistan rejected by Canadian authorities

Islamabad [Pakistan]Feb 23 (ANI): Pakistani student visa applications are rejected by Canadian authorities for reasons including weak educational background, extended stays in Canada, insufficient financial capacity to support their stay in Canada, migration illegal and fraud.

Pakistan is one of the top ten countries of emigration in the world with approximately 6 million emigrants, or 3% of the total. Poor economic development of Pakistan, lack of education, job opportunities, fragile security scenario, were some of the reasons for the exodus.

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There is a huge backlog of pending applications and the Pakistani authorities have raised this issue with the Canadian Minister of Immigration and Citizenship.

Notably, there have been instances of illegal activities by Pak migrants in Canada. In a 2018 incident, Wajid Ali, a former Canadian MP in the House of Commons, and another Pakistani were charged with fraudulently borrowing more than C$1.1 million by Canadian authorities, Islam reported. Khabar.

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Additionally, some Pakistani nationals were also arrested in 2018 for attempting to travel to Canada on fake visas.

Each year, around 30,000 to 40,000 Pakistanis attempt illegal crossing to Europe via Iran and Turkey. Canada remains the fourth destination in the world for international students, but various reasons have led to the refusal of Pakistani student visas by Canadian authorities. (ANI)

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