The ministry takes stock of school openings

Most schools will be open tomorrow [Jan 7] for all classes or specific classes except St. David’s Preschool, Dellwood, Sandys Secondary, Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy, CedarBridge and Berkeley; with distance learning in place for most schools that won’t open.

A government spokesperson said: “The Education Department would like to provide an update on school openings on Friday, January 7, 2022.


Open to all students:

  • St. George Kindergarten
  • Preschool high school
  • Devonshire Kindergarten
  • Preschool perspective
  • Saint-Paul Kindergarten
  • Warwick Kindergarten
  • Southampton Kindergarten
  • Lagoon park nursery school
  • Victor Scott Kindergarten

Not open:

Primary schools

Open to all students:

  • Dalton E. Tucker
  • Eastern Primary
  • Primary Victor Scott
  • Pembroke West Primary
  • Gilbert Institute
  • Francois Patton
  • West End Primary
  • Primary Somerset
  • Preparatory of St. George
  • Primary of Port-Royal
  • Harrington Strait
  • Northlands Primary

Open for specific courses:

  • Saint-David Primary
  • Elliot Primary
  • Main prospect
  • Paget Primary
  • Primary Purvis
  • Heron Bay Primary

Middle, Senior, Success Academy Robert’s Avenue and DAME

Open to all students:

  • Robert’s Avenue Success Academy
  • Clearwater Middle School

Open for specific courses:

  • Whitney Institute College

Not open:

  • Dellwood Medium
  • Sandys High School
  • Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy
  • CedarBridge Academy
  • The Berkeley Institute

“The colleges and high schools will have distance education.

“The Department would also like to remind the public that school reopening is being carefully carried out based on several factors. These include public health advice, the number and effects of Covid-19 cases, and the strong interest in student learning and well-being in person. Distance learning is only considered after other options have been exhausted due to the implications for students, parents and staff.

Acting Education Minister Tinee Furbert said: “We are focused on the safety of students and staff at school. With the implementation of the pre-return testing policy and the diligent application of other mitigation measures by schools, we are almost there.

“While the Department of Education has worked hard to keep the public up to date with back-to-school protocols, we recognize that this has been difficult for many staff and parents.

“We appreciate your cooperation as we work together to ensure our students are safe and prepared for classroom learning when schools reopen.”

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