Teacher-student ratio in 9, 10 classes: the ministry interferes | Career and Campus

Even as fear of losing jobs looms over some of the teaching faculties, the Kerala ministry is expected to step in to restore the easing given to the teacher-student ratio in grades 9 and 10. The file submitted to restore the relaxation reached the Ministry of Finance from the Ministry of Education 4 days ago.

The Ministry of Finance will probably oppose it citing the financial crisis. If so, they may need to resort to politics to restore the relaxed ratio. And later, submit the case to the ministry and get permission for the relaxation. If the decision is contrary, the jobs of at least 4,000 teachers will be threatened.

According to the education rule of Kerala, the teacher-student ratio for 9.10 classes is 1:45. But since 1997 they follow the 1:40 ratio. In 2018-2019, the state government ordered a ratio of 1:45 for 9.10 classes. But due to Covid the rule was never implemented. Thus, currently, the Ministry of Education is considering saving teachers’ jobs by reintroducing the 1:40 ratio.

They send the file to the finance department because such a decision will cause a heavy financial burden. Although they have not made a decision on the file, sources in the finance department reject any discussion of the blocking of the file which was sent 4 days ago.

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