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St George’s University, Grenada. (web picture)

ST GEORGE’S – St George’s University Medical School Medical Program has been reaccredited by members of the Grenada Medical and Dental Council (GMDC), for a period of eight years or until 2030.

The notice was recently published in an issue of the government gazette.

“The Grenada Medical and Dental Council hereby announces that it has completed a comprehensive review and assessment of the medical education program at St George’s University School of Medicine (SG USOM) with the aim of taking a new decision on the accreditation status of this program,” said board chair Dr. Robert Yearwood.

The Council was established in 2010 pursuant to the Health Practitioners Act.

According to the Act, the Department of Health appoints members of the Council to carry out the GMDC’s responsibilities to oversee “educational institutions with respect to the training of persons practicing medicine or dentistry” and “to promote high standards in the practice of medicine and dentistry” in Grenada.

According to its website, in 2017 the Cabinet of Ministers and Members of the Houses of Parliament formally passed Resolution 1583, authorizing the Council to “take the necessary steps to develop a new accreditation system to accredit medical schools in Grenada and begin work to fulfill this necessary function.

In March 2019, Parliament amended the Medical Professionals Act, granting the GMDC the power to accredit medical schools operating in Grenada.

The 2019 amendment authorized the Council to undertake all activities necessary to assess, accredit and monitor medical schools in Grenada, and prohibited any person or institution from advertising, teaching courses or providing services from a program leading to an MD degree unless accredited by the GMDC.

In December 2019, the U.S. National Committee on Medical Education and Accreditation Abroad, in a letter to then-Minister of Health Nicholas Steele, determined that accreditation standards and processes used by the Ministries of Education and Health for the Council to accredit medical schools were comparable. to those applied to medical schools in the United States. (CMC)

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