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For the next three years, increasing salaries, purchasing fire-fighting vehicles and building the capacity of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs are set as priorities in the budget of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the Republic of Latvia.

The Interior Ministry’s priority for the next three years is to raise the salaries of interior officials.

It was realized that for the next three years, basic funding from the state budget will be allocated in the amount of 24 million euros. The ministry has also set itself the priority for 2023 of allocating an additional 4.7 million euros to increase the salaries of agents in the establishments of the Ministry of the Interior.

In order to strengthen the capacity of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, additional funding is requested to increase staff salaries.

It is also necessary to increase the salaries of employees of the State Insurance Agency, which will require 4.1 million euros.

In order to improve the quality of law enforcement education, funding is needed to establish a long-term consortium for the Homeland Security Academy, as well as for the development of educational programs and the construction of a new training building. The long-term consortium will be formed between the Ministry of Interior, the State Police Academy, the University of Riga Stradiņš and the University of Latvia.

Among the priorities of the Ministry of the Interior for the next year is also the purchase of special firefighting and rescue vehicles to replace worn equipment and improve the direct functions of the performance of the Resque Service which will require 21.8 million euros.

Around 25 million euros are also needed to continue the construction of disaster management centers in order to guarantee the co-location of a greater number of services and institutions.

The Minister of the Interior will continue to promote the strengthening of the external border between Latvia and the European Union in the long term, improving its surveillance and protection against the flow of illegal migrants.

As the Ministry of Finance reported earlier, ministries are seeking 2.06 billion euros for priority actions in next year’s budget.

The ministries have indicatively planned a higher amount for the coming years, with 2.68 billion euros in the 2024 budget and 2.78 billion euros in the 2025 budget for priority actions.

The Ministry of Welfare wants 139.946 million euros in the 2023 budget to implement the priority measures, the Ministry of Culture – 91.713 million euros, the Ministry of the Interior – 86.608 million euros and the Ministry of Agriculture – 66.14 million euros.

The Ministry of Justice requests 20.851 million euros, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – 18.646 million euros and the Ministry of Finance – 15.592 million euros for priority measures in 2023.

The Ministry of Defense has not requested funds for priority actions for the coming year.

In 2022, the ministries wanted an additional 1.68 billion euros for priority measures.

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