PURA targets the nascent pollution control sector

DALLAS, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CEO of Puration, Inc. (OTC: PURA) Brian Shibley said today that he believes the company is undervalued and that the value yet to be realized will become clear as the overall value of the nascent pollution control industry matures.

“Pollution control is a real and important area of ​​investment,” said Brian Shibley, CEO of PURA. “Global emissions control policy to include several individual government policies has ignited the electric vehicle industry, but electric vehicles are only the tip of a much larger global pollution control investment sector that includes overlaps not only in the transport sector, but also in the energy, construction and waste management sectors, as well, to name a few. Industrial hemp overlaps in all of these industries with substantial contributions to pollution control Recognition of PURA’s yet to be realized value is yet to come.

An article published yesterday titled Invest in pollution control and waste reductionemphasizes the global potential of the depollution sector:

“From an investment perspective, ongoing global policies to reduce carbon emissions and promote healthy communities simply should not be ignored. In the article below, we will examine the myriad ways in which Savvy investors seek to align their portfolios with the work of those trying to make the world a better and healthier place to live.”

PURA presented its “Farmersville Hemp Brand” industrial hemp strategy last year specifically to implement the integration of hemp into existing products and services in order to make these products and services more efficient and at the same time, in line with the objectives. global carbon neutrality.

Along with its Farmersville Hemp Brand strategy, the company recently revealed plans to disrupt the 200 billion dollars steel rebar market with an alternative to hemp in addition to disrupting $600 billion lumbar market.

PURA is on track to solidify its first partnership in the $1.2 billion Asia Pacific hemp region to tap richer resources that can accelerate the expansion of industrial hemp solutions.

PURA started the construction of a facility in Farmersville, TX where the company will conduct personalized consultative training for each corporate client to demonstrate how hemp can be used to improve the effectiveness of existing products and services and achieve 2050 sustainability goals.

Read the latest full company report update on PURA’s Farmersville hemp brand rollout.

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