Peru: President urges authorities and people to act responsibly against third wave | News | ANDEAN

on Friday called on authorities and citizens to take the highest responsible stance to protect the health and lives of people during the

The head of state said the time had come to return to face-to-face lessons, an effort that requires joint work, both by the authorities and the population, to have accessible and safe schools.

“As a government and, above all as a teacher, we have a great responsibility. In Moquegua there is also a double responsibility because the governor is a teacher,” Castillo said.

“This task must be taken firmly in order to expect our students with adequate, healthy and accessible educational institutions. This cannot be done just by looking at the minister, the government, but with a joint effort involving the authorities and the united people, “he added.

The senior official called on ministers of state to make ministries accessible to mayors and the population, in order to responsibly assume the commitments made and to make transparent the capacity of each sector to meet the needs of the population.

In front of the regional and local authorities, the president declared that it is the responsibility of the Peruvian State to make effective a true decentralization, so that the public resources reach the whole country and stimulate its development.

“Providing students with quality education and ensuring health is to regain national sovereignty. We have just recovered lot 1 in Piura; it is important ; we are also going to recover lot 192 and others (…) ”, he stressed.

In this sense, the Head of State specified that he had received last Thursday a report from the commission in charge of the massive use of natural gas Camisea, adding that his administration was evaluating the possibility of accelerating this work, with the establishment of a urea plant. manufacturing plant.

In the southern macro-region, Mr. Castillo indicated that the definition of the implementation plan for Bolivian gas is pending.

Today’s session was attended by Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez, as well as other members of the Cabinet. During this meeting, a territorial development program was drawn up to stimulate competitiveness and productivity in the Moquegua region.

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