MSJ takes credit for Ministry of Education e-book initiative


David Abdullah –

The Social Justice Movement (MSJ) claimed responsibility for the Ministry of Education‘s recent decision on textbooks.

On Monday, the ministry said new textbooks should not be added or editions should not be changed on schools’ book lists for the next school year.

Additionally, he said an e-book platform is under consideration.

But in a press release on Tuesday, SYM chief David Abdulah said the ministry decided to “roll out digital textbooks after SYM’s call to do so.”

He said SYM offered e-books for elementary and middle school students — not for the first time — at a September 4 press conference.

“The MSJ has therefore led the way on this file.”

He called the government’s announcement “late in view of the economic and social impacts of the covid19 pandemic”.

He said thousands of people have lost their jobs and “several thousand others have had no income for long periods of time”.

“The government should have taken proactive measures to ease the burden on parents who had to prepare their children for the new school year. This preparation included the purchase of textbooks, notebooks and/or notebooks, other stationery , schoolbags, uniforms, sneakers and also… money to pay for the transport of their children.”

He said revised/new editions of textbooks should have been banned by 2022 and that a process set up by students “through their school, returned the books to be used by other students and received the books of those who were in the year above them”.

But, he said, “the government has nothing in place to help parents and especially the thousands of people who are struggling financially.”

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