Local authorities urged to secure heat supply and keep students warm

Third-grade students from Nongyong Primary School take an exam before winter break in Bansheng Town, Dahua Yao Autonomous County, southern China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Jan. 11 2017. [Photo/Xinhua]

Local education authorities should ensure that schools in northern China have sufficient indoor heating for this winter and next spring, the education ministry said on Tuesday.

They should work with financial authorities to allocate additional funds for heating in rural schools and those with longer heating periods, the ministry said in a notice.

Securing the energy supply for heating schools should be one of the top priorities for education authorities and they should work with other ministries and companies to ensure sufficient supply of gas, electricity and coal for winter heating, said the Ministry.

With the rise in natural gas prices, schools that have not completed their coal-fired heating projects may delay the process until the gas supply crisis subsides and prices become more stable. , did he declare.

Schools that will not have clean energy heating systems in the short term should continue to use clean coal heating and they should ensure that there are sufficient coal reserves, the ministry said.

Schools and education authorities should pay special attention to heating safety, carry out regular safety checks and eliminate any potential dangers, the ministry added.

There have been reports of students having classes outside in freezing weather due to a lack of indoor heating.

Students at a primary school in Hebei Province had to run around the playground to warm up and had lessons outside in sparse sunlight rather than in their cold classrooms due to ‘a delay in switching from coal to electric heating, the China Youth Daily reported in 2017.

In 2018, a primary school in Shaanxi province was unable to provide heating for its students due to a delay in the transition from coal to gas heating, Huashang News, a local newspaper reported.

Heating in both schools resumed after media reports.

The Shandong Province Education Department opened hotlines last week to receive reports on heating issues in local primary and secondary schools.

The Hebei Provincial Department of Education has asked the education authorities to check the heating conditions of each classroom and dormitory before the start of the heating season.

The department also asked education authorities and schools to regularly check for safety risks and whether room temperatures during the heating season meet requirements, it said in an advisory.

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