Las Cruces Public Schools Adjust to New COVID-19 Reporting System as Cases Slow

LAS CRUCES – COVID-19 cases reported this week in Las Cruces public schools are low Thursday morning, but are expected to increase in the coming days.

With the new formula for LCPS COVID-19 Dashboard, new cases are added to previous days and weeks. In the past, cases were added based on the day they were reported to the district. Now, cases are added based on when a person first gets their COVID-19 test.

The week of January 27 to February 2, there was 364 new cases reported on the morning of February 3. Now the cases for this week are up to 433. This increase of 69 cases is due to this new system which logs new cases based on the day a staff member or student tests.

The week of February 3 to February 9, 183 new cases were reported on Thursday.

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Additionally, as of Thursday, the district is reporting a positivity rate of 2.3% for the 14-day report — down from 4.27 last week. Every day for the past two weeks, less than 100 new cases have been reported, which is a refreshing change from the January with a record number of cases.

Schools with enhanced protocols

Improved COVID-safe protocols are needed for schools that exceed 3% or 5% positivity. Protocols would include a staggered transition, recess and lunch times, student screening and a limited number of visitors.

A school will work with district officials and the New Mexico Department of Health to determine if a transition to blended or remote learning is necessary. No LCPS schools have been remoted for COVID-19 this school year.

Only 12 LCPS schools currently exceed the 3% threshold: Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy (9.35%), Columbia Elementary (6.16%), Mesilla Park Elementary (5.31%), Rio Grande Prep (4.55 %), Hermosa Heights Elementary (4.2%). ), Vista Middle (3.77%), Lynn Middle (3.75%), Conlee Elementary (3.56%), MacArthur Elementary (3.51%), Tombaugh Elementary (3.46%), White Sands K -8 (3.41%) and Doña Ana Elementary (3.38 percent).

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If a school were to be moved online, the district would notify parents first and then the community as a whole.

View the latest district data at

District Cumulative Data

Approximately 19.51% of LCPS students and staff have tested positive for COVID-19 this school year.

Of the 5,228 positive cases in the district, 4,213 are students and 1,0015 are staff or contract workers, according to the new dashboard.

This week, Organ Mountain High continues to have the highest number of COVID-19 cases with 464 cumulative positive cases this school year. Organ Mountain also has the highest student and staff population in the district at 2,078. The cumulative positivity rate of 22.48% is comparable to other schools.

Four other schools have seen more than 200 cumulative cases since Aug. 19: Centennial has 328 (18.39%); Mayfield High has 265 (16.78%); Las Cruces High has 256 (13.35%); Camino Real Middle has 248 (24.03%).

These five schools have the largest populations.

The Las Cruces District Administration designation has 156 reported cases and one of the highest cumulative case percentages in the district at 27.61%.

Cumulative positivity rates for individual schools range from 32.69 (Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy) to 10.08 (Booker T. Washington Elementary).

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