Education-based research is essential to define the direction of the agricultural sector; said Gardezi

RAWALPINDI: Punjab’s Agriculture Minister Syed Hussain Jahania Gardezi said on Monday that education-based research actually plays the most important role in determining the direction of the agricultural sector.

Gardezi expressed these views while addressing the audience at the inaugural Silver Jubilee Week session being held here at the University of Arid Agriculture.

Mr. Gardezi said the 25-year journey of Rawalpindi University of Arid Agriculture is highly commendable.

“The university has rendered invaluable services in the field of agricultural education and research. Graduates from the same university render valuable services in various institutions across the country, ”he added.

The minister said that the University of Arid Agriculture has also been instrumental in bringing hydroponics technology to the country as research projects on high-value crops are underway.

“This will contribute to the modern development of agriculture in the region in the future. The students of this university are involved in the 2021-22 Rabi crop production campaigns including wheat cultivation and, in this regard, educate farmers on the latest Rabi crop production technologies, ”he added. .

Hussain Jahania Gardezi added that unfortunately in the past there was no emphasis on agricultural education and research.

On this occasion, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi, Dr Qamar Zaman said that there are currently six faculties working in this university and the total number of students in this institution is more than 12,000.

Besides agriculture, he added, education is provided in the fields of veterinary medicine, biochemistry and information technology at the university.

He thanked the Minister for attending the Silver Jubilee celebrations. A large number of academics, academics and students attended the Silver Jubilee celebrations at Rawalpindi University of Arid Agriculture.

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