Daniel Bogdanovic still works at the Ministry of Education of Justyne Caruana

Daniel Bogdanovic still works in the Ministry of Education, a few months after the cancellation of a controversial direct order of € 5,900 per month issued by his partner, Minister Justyne Caruana.

The direct order, which involved work that Bogdanovic never actually did, was flagged as a clear “abuse of power” by Caruana. The case is now the subject of a criminal investigation by the police.

Yet Bogdanovic continues in the Ministry of Education. He was first employed as a customer service manager, the highest level of pay he could receive, in the ministry’s private secretariat on December 2, 2020, a few weeks after Caruana’s appointment to the Education.

Bogdanovic was first enrolled in the government’s Community Workers Program in 2017, first working under the Gozo ministry, which was at one time headed by Caruana. He stayed there when she resigned because of her ex-husband Silvio Valletta’s ties to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia in January. 2020.

Today, informed sources claim that Bogdanovic continues to hold a role in an agency under the Ministry of Education. He is believed to work within the Foundation for the Schools of Tomorrow, but that remains to be confirmed.

Caruana and Bogdanovic continue to be seen together in and around the ministerial building, working on the same floor. They have even accompanied each other on school visits in recent months.

The news of change also recently reported that the couple were spotted together attending a concert at Victoria’s Astra Theater in November. Caruana attended in his official capacity as Minister of Education.

Prime Minister Robert Abela continues to refuse to act, months after the story first came to light.

Bogdanovic did not even draft the said recommendations, the report actually being written by one of Caruana’s consultants, Paul Debattista.

“In fact, there is almost no evidence of Bogdanovic’s involvement,” Hyzler’s report read.

It was first revealed in March that Caruana awarded her boyfriend Bogdanovic a three-month contract worth € 15,000 to visit public schools and draft recommendations on how to improve the capacity of the national sports school to produce elite athletes. The education ministry denied the allegations a month earlier.

Bogdanovic was an elite athlete in his own right, playing for Barnsley, Sheffield United and Blackpool in his prime. However, his contract with the Ministry of Education raised eyebrows given his lack of teaching qualifications and his personal relationship with the minister.

A report from the Standards Commissioner confirmed that Bogdanovic had other functions within the ministry, including technical work, photocopying, taking visitors’ temperatures, etc. He did not mention what his salary was.

It remains to be seen whether action will be taken against Caruana, with the prime minister determined to delay decision making.

Education Minister Justyne Caruana and Prime Minister Robert Abela did not respond to questions sent at the time of publication.

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