Covid self-isolation period eased for some patients by Georgia health authorities

Georgia health officials have approved a decision reducing mandatory Covid-19 self-isolation and quarantine periods to five days for patients employed in certain fields.

The decision, applied retroactively, concerns people working in medical and educational establishments; agencies of the ministries of interior, justice and defence; the State Security Service; the prosecutor’s office; and the Revenue Service and Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance.

In the event of staffing shortages and at the request of the employer, for asymptomatic Covid-19 patients employed in the above-mentioned establishments, self-isolation will be considered complete on the sixth day after a positive test. A negative test result will be required to complete the isolation period, with authorities strongly recommending the use of face masks for the next five days.

For current moderate and severe cases, the isolation period will remain at the same requirement of at least 10 days after a positive test. The decision to complete isolation is made by the patient’s family physician based on the patient’s medical condition.

Quarantine periods have also been reduced for partially vaccinated and unvaccinated people, and those identified as contacts of patients with confirmed cases. In these cases, the quarantine period will be set at five days instead of eight. These patients will be strongly advised to wear face masks for the next 6-12 days.

The same goes for those who have not received a booster dose of a Covid-19 vaccine in cases where more than 90 days have passed since their second shot. These quarantine rules also apply to people with a previous case of Covid dating back more than 60 days.

Several countries have reduced the period of self-isolation, with regulations in England defining five days as the defined duration, and US authorities recommending a rapid antigen test at the end of the fifth day of isolation for patients, with a negative result. allowing an immediate end to self-isolation.

A total of 1,398,059 coronavirus cases have been recorded in Georgia since February 26, 2020.

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